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Signs of CAPD

When the ear does not coordinate with the brain, sounds are incorrectly heard and often misinterpreted. Persons with CAPD especially experience difficulty understanding sounds and speech in background noise (i.e., the hum of a fan, chatter in a classroom). CAPD can negatively impact listening, language skills, and learning. Some signs of CAPD can include:

  • Being easily distracted by background sounds/noise
  • Difficulty focusing on or remembering spoken information or directions
  • Difficulty with words: misspelling, mispronouncing, omitting syllables, confusing similar sounding words
  • Difficulty processing and remembering language related tasks
  • Often is thought to be ignoring people Says "what?" a lot even if they heard what was said
  • Slow processing of thoughts and ideas
  • Difficulty explaining him/herself
  • Interpreting words too literally, often missing out on puns, jokes, and figurative language
  • Difficulty with complex sentence structure or rapid speech


    CAPD cannot be diagnosed by symptoms alone. Only careful assessment of the auditory pathway by a professional trained in auditory disorders, an audiologist, leads to an accurate diagnosis of CAPD. While other providers (i.e. educators, speech language pathologists, psychologists) are important members of the care team for a patient who exhibits the difficulties associated with CAPD, only an audiologist can diagnose CAPD.

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